Holiday Apartments Tenerife

Frequently Asked Questions

As we develop our site and receive enquiries about our apartments,  frequent questions are being asked by our potential clients which we thought we would share with you.

Q.     'Is the complex a timeshare location and will we be bothered by salesman during our holiday?

A.     'No, Royal Palm is completely free of timeshare salesmen as all the apartments are privately owned by our owners. We manage the apartments on their behalf which includes renting the apartment at their direction.'

Q.    'I have noticed by searching the internet that other poeople are advertising apartments on the same complex. Are they part of your business?'

A.    ' No these people are owners of apartments who choose to advertise their properties themselves. We do not manage these properties so you should ensure that you are able to contact the person you rent from whilst in Tenerife in case you need anything doing in the apartment.'

Q.    'Are the apartments air conditioned?'

A.  'No, but most have got ceiling fans in the main room and bedrooms which are sufficient. You can also hire a portable air conditioning unit through us if you wish for an extra fee.'

Q.    'Are you the only management company on the site?'

A.    'Yes we are situated next to the owners reception and are the only on site management company allowed on site'