Holiday Apartments Tenerife

Terms & Conditions of Business

The following Terms & Conditions of Business apply to all bookings made through Royal Palm Properties & Oasis Management Services.

Oasis Management Services are the only licensed on site mamagement company at Royal Palm Tenerife and have rights conferred by such license to rent apartments under their control.

  1. Royal Palm Properties is the UK agency for Oasis Management Services (The Company) and is responsible for marketing apartment rentals and is authorised to take bookings on its behalf.
  2. Following the receipt of an enquiry regarding the availability of an apartment(s), Royal Palm Properties will confirm the availability of the apartment(s) with the enquirer for the dates requested. Should the enquirer wish to proceed with the booking then confirmation of availability will be sent together with the request for payment of the applicable fees.
  3. Upon successfull receipt of the applicable fees the booking will be confirmed and the apartment(s) reserved in the name of the principal client for the dates requested.
  4. A non refundable deposit of 15% of the total fees applicable will become due on booking with the balance due six weeks prior to the arrival date at the resort. The deposit should be paid within 7 days of receipt of the confirmation message from Royal Palm Properties. Should the deposit not be received within this time the company reserve the right to cancel the booking and re-allocate the apartment(s) for the dates requested.
  5. The company reserve the right to charge a transaction fee of 2.5% of the total fees payable for payment through the Paypal secure payment process. This fee covers the fees charged by Patypal for their services.
  6. The company will contact the customer 5 days prior to the final balance payment date with a request for payment. This payment should be made within 7 days of request. Should the payment not be received within this time the comnpany reserve the right to cancel the booking and re-allocate the apartment(s).
  7. The company will forward all receipts for payments to the customer. These receipts will be treated as confirmation of payment.
  8. The company agrees to reserve the apartment(s) for the customer for the dates requested. Should the company need to alter the apartment through circumstances beyond its control the it will offer the customer alternative accommodation of the same or similar quality prior to arrival at the resort. Where alternative accommodation is not available the company will refund the applicable fees to the customer less the deposit paid.
  9. All information submitted to the company is used solely for the purpose of its primary business and we do not forward details to any third marty for mareketing purposes. By submitting personal information the customer agrees for it to be used for such business purposes and  fraud prevention
  10. The customer agrees to abide by these Terms & Conditions of Business and understands that accepatance forms a binding contract between the parties